An experimental retrospective for WUSSY magazine is coming to the Bureau! The exhibition features cover images from WUSSY magazine since their inception in 2014. The show leans into larger themes of queer networking into the 2020’s. WUSSY ’s significant online presence demonstrates the importance of non-NYC and non-LA queer community building, resource sharing, and importantly catharsis in increasingly precarious times especially for inter-queer community discourses. Included also is work from various LGBTQIA+ archives, comics, ephemera, recent work from the Venice Biennale.

Wussies Networking: Some Queer Sensibilities is curated by Bureau volunteer Tannon Reckling.

The exhibition will be on view at the Bureau from
November 30, 2023 – February 18, 2024

Exhibition announcement artwork is a generous experimental remix of the theme “queer networking” by Eric Kostiuk Williams.

The exhibition features:

Waving Hello
Alex Jochim
Photography; 2018
Jochim started Benson First Friday out of Omaha, NE which has been a circuit of the midwest arts community as well as a circuit for public queer projects for multiple years.

Sluts Across America: A Birth Control Advocacy Project
Roopa Vasudevan
Print of Website; 2012, 2022

Soft Crash
Alan Warburton
HD CGI Video Still; 2016

PrEP Bread w/ Text
Ivan L. Munuera in collaboration with Vivian Rotie and Pablo Saiz
Originally Exhibited the Venice Architecture Biennale; 2023

Left (Natalia in Cowboy Hat, Indy Pride, Military Park, Indianapolis 2023).
Right (June, Real Tinsel, Milwaukee 2023).
Ian Lewandowski
Photography; 2023

Jennifer Camper
Comic; 2008

Chloe Dzubilo
Ink on paper, 2008-
Courtesy of the Estate of Chloe Dzubilo & Visual AIDS

Queer Networking
Eric Kostiuk Williams
Illustration Graphic for Exhibition; 2023

Memes on paper with QR codes
Missladysalad (Shawn Escarciga)
Prints; 2023

Folk School 1
Topher Lineberry
Print; 2022
w/ Text: Black Mountain College: Eclipsing the Local in Artworld Memory


WUSSY Magazine Covers

QueerKY Magazine Covers